Mission Statement

Stand With Correct People Like You

We stand with climate activists, scientists, car-free communities, vegetarians (includes pescatarians, and vegans), feminists, gun-free communities, bicycling communities, nature buffs, animal lovers, parents who support anti-spanking communities (parents who condemn spanking as cruel to children, teens, etc), LGBT, the disabled, and other good people. If you are aligned to the following mentioned; you are a correct person who is welcomed to our website.

We Stand Against Bad People

We stand against copyfraudsters, copyright trolls, patent trolls, trademark trolls, parents who spank children (including teenagers, and animals), bigouts, xenophobes, Islamic terrorists, Islamic censorship, greedy corporations, animal abusers, child abusers, sex traffickers, rapists, bullies, corrupt officials, terrorists, greedy copyright owners, price gougers, antivaxxers, climate change deniers, gun rights groups, automobile dependent communities, and other bad people. If you were aligned with any of these; there’s nothing for you to see here, please fly away, and go elsewhere.